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Butterfly Fly Again After Receives Wing Transplant

A Monarch butterfly was able to fly again due to a wing transplant performed by a wildlife volunteer at a Kansas zoo.

Katie VanBlaricum, 36, working at her local zoo, observed that the beautiful insect had a piece of its wing missing, based on the news channel.

Using a glass plate, tape, and pins, she managed to hold down the butterfly long enough to attach on a piece of wing taken from a dead butterfly.

“I used to be serving to the zoo tag butterflies when a lady came up to me and said that one of them had a damaged wing, and she would have to put it within the freezer,” VanBlaricum told the news channel.

As it turns out, VanBlaricum works with dead insects at her business, often called Insect Art, through which she creates jewelry and frames utilizing dead insects. However, as she explains, the insects she uses for her artistic work are bred for that process and don’t come from the wild.

“I managed to discover a butterfly that was the identical size and shape that might work,” she stated.

As the news channel reports, she cut off the broken piece of the wing and glued on the opposite wing, which came from a Graphium butterfly, then held it for a couple of seconds.

After the successful procedure, the butterfly was able to fly back up into the trees.

“After we finally went out, it just flew up into the tree and used the wind to assist it in flying,” she explained.

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