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Chances of Simpler Fares from Delta

In a year, the airline filed for bankruptcy protection, heralding the beginning of a 19-month restructuring process, which saw the number of routes cut back and the loss of 6,000 jobs. Throughout that painful period, the airline gradually undid all the headline benefits associated with SimpliFare, returning the company to a more complex and opaque situation that pretty much exists to this day.

“I believe SimpliFares might have been too simple, and maybe as an industry, we weren’t prepared for it, we didn’t have the sophistication to manage it properly,” Delta President Glen Hauenstein informed analysts on Thursday during a third-quarter earnings conference call.

“And I feel that’s the infrastructure we’re putting in place now and how we see the evolution of pricing occurring over the next years. One of the things that you would have to admit concerning the industry generally is it’s transactional, and it’s not really trusted very well.”

Hauenstein pointed to the inconsistency dealing with customers with the vast fluctuations in costs for what amounts to the identical factor: a seat on a plane. However, as airlines like Delta and others collect and analyze more information, they should be capable of offering something much more consistent.

“It’s not easy fares; however, it’s more reliable fares, and it’s not a revolution; it’s an evolution. So we’re on a journey on this, and we are trying to be less transactional and more customer-driven,” he stated.

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