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Elon Musk Plans to Send Human On the Red Planet

Musk is planning to send around 100 humans to Mars by 2024. This plan is bold and, in some ways, essential.  Musk says, “We must do everything in our power to preserve “consciousness,” which he fears might be unique to humans.

If humans are all alone within the universe and an asteroid destroys Earth. The lack of consciousness can be the most significant loss in history, everything. Musk’s Starship, based on Musk, it will take humans initially to the edge of Earth’s orbit, after that to the Moon, and last to the Mars and beyond. Musk hopes that humans will colonize new planets, effectively making us resilient towards the single point of failure that’s our mono-planetary residency. In other words, Musk needs to get humans living on backup planets as quickly as possible.

Getting humans to Mars isn’t only a matter of building a giant spaceship that goes fast. It’s not just rocket science. Assuming that psychological issues don’t make the entire endeavor a literal nightmare for those involved, there’s additionally the presently unsolved downside is that human exposure to space radiation over long periods can be lethal.

Astrobiologist Samantha Rolfe published an article on The Conversation explaining how, in her view, Musk’s endeavor to put humans on Mars might have catastrophic outcomes. Not only does she point out that humans might introduce microbiology to the red planet that may kill any living organisms out there, imagine, as NASA is reportedly close to announcing its discovered life on Mars, humans up and murder it post-haste; however, it’s likely to be too harmful to humans in such a short time frame.

Four years look like a ridiculously brief time frame to send humans on an interplanetary mission. And radiation isn’t the only downside to resolve before we embark. Our present technology makes his plan seem like nothing more than a suicide mission, and that doesn’t assist humans in spreading consciousness.

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