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Gabe drops Half-Life 3 hints during Valve Index party, because of course he did…

That is to say, it was unavoidable, isn’t that so? Gabe Newell stands up before a lot of Valve representatives in charge of the noteworthy new Valve Index VR framework, just as a sprinkling of those in the gaming scene anxious to get their hands on the main Index retail units, and obviously he makes some not so subtle reference to discharging Half-Life 3.

There have been tempting gossipy tidbits murmured around the intermawebs for a very long time about Valve taking a shot at a computer generated experience game situated in the Half-Life universe, yet any recommendation that Half-Life 3 would be discharged on the Index are more cheerful than dependent on anything concrete. There’s absolutely been nothing in the audit pack Valve provided us for testing the new VR framework.

In any case, that doesn’t mean it’s never going to occur. At the Index dispatch gathering the previous evening Gabe Newell stood up before the get-together and talked in not really mysterious terms about Valve achievements and what the future may hold. He talked about the “basic achievement” that the Indices headsets speak to (truly, that is the thing that Gabe likes to call plural Index sets) and about what the number 2 may in the end lead Valve on towards.

“In our history at Valve we have had a great deal of noteworthy achievements,” he says in a video presented on Reddit. “File is another of those basic achievements for our organization… it speaks to a noteworthy leap forward in the field.”

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