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Halide Camera Support for IPhone 11 And IPhone 11 Pro for Excellent User Experience

Halide is a popular camera app designed for iOS devices, was at present updated with support on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, with the company including new features capable of benefit from the hardware in the latest devices.

Halide can be downloaded from the App Store for $5.99.

There is a faster lens switcher that uses Haptic Touch to switch between the two focal lengths in the iPhone 11 and the three focal lengths in the iPhone 11 Pro. Halide’s developers say it is faster, smoother and more intuitive than the standard lens switcher. On the iPhone 11 Pro, there is a new Lens Guides feature designed to assist users in composing photographs. The Lens Guides seem when the lens switcher tool is opened, providing overlays of what a shot would seem like using a proper focal length.

There aren’t any manual focus controls for the ultra-wide-angle camera in Halide, and that is as a result of the lens has a fixed focus. The ultra-wide-angle camera isn’t capable of RAW output, nor does Apple’s outside the frame feature work with RAW. Halide hasn’t added outside the frame performance at this time.

Smart RAW has been updated for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, with the exposure engine tuned to provide RAW pictures with less noise. Smart RAW improvement for the brand new iPhones is an ongoing product although, Halide planning to add extra refinements in the future.

For older iPhones, the brand new version of Halide contains bug fixes and enhancements, along with RAW exposure improvements for all Smart RAW iPhone.

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