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In Northern Ireland Many Archaeological Sites Dating from Stone Age to 19th Century

Hundreds of vital archaeological discoveries have been unearthed at sites throughout Northern Ireland over the past four years.

The region’s Department of Communities published a booklet titled Unearthed that details the wide range of finds that date from the Stone Age throughout the 19th century.

Senior archaeologist Andrew Gault explained the significance of the new guide to the News channel.

“It is the process of the archaeology that is going on all the time in Northern Ireland in the background that individuals maybe aren’t aware of,” he stated. “The works here are unexpected and unknown archaeology that emerges when the topsoil is eliminated.”

The Glenshane ritual site the scientists date to about 2,500 B.C. The site is composed of a timber circle large wooden posts with an outer fenced forecourt that was probably the site of elaborate rituals seen by many. Additionally, discovered close by was a private cremation burial dating to the Middle Neolithic.

In Belfast city center, tanning pits that date from the 18th century have been uncovered.

They have been used for soaking animal hides within the manufacture of leather for commercial purposes.

“There’s potential to discover a whole range of archaeological sites via the entire range of human occupation – back to 10,000 years ago when people first arrived here,” Gault stated.

Fifteen wooden pits have been uncovered at the Royal Exchange development site within the very heart of the city.

They date from the 18th century and part of the city’s early industrial heritage.

They were used for soaking animals hides within the manufacture of leather on a commercial scale, an unpleasant and smelly job.

Heated stones have been placed in a water-filled trench: Meat might be cooked within the boiling water.

Solar farms have become a valuable source of sites for archaeologists as they’re often developed on south-facing slopes in the open countryside.

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