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President Trump Expressed That New York State Is Sitting On a Gold Mine of Energy

Declaring that New York state is “sitting on a gold mine of energy,” President Trump expressed his need for the second time in lower than three months for the Empire State to permit fracking and pipeline development within state lines.

Speaking at Pittsburgh’s Shale Insight Conference within the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the president stated, “New York does not permit pipelines to go through” and noted that even with the opposition of New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “There needs to be a federal something we will do there.”

Trump has spoken out several times about New York’s pipeline fights. Last spring, state regulators rejected the development of an almost $1 billion natural gas pipeline, Northeast Supply Enhancement Pipeline, that was to join New Jersey and New York and run beneath New York Bay.

New York State can be fighting Trump’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which determined in September that New York had forfeited its power to block development of the proposed Constitution Pipeline because its Department of Environmental Conservation took more than the one-year interval allowed to disapprove a request by the pipeline developers on points related to water quality certification.

In a statement issued following the energy commission ruling, the state environmental commission stated it “‎disagrees with FERC’s decision that, once again, sides with the fossil fuel industry over defending the environment. DEC will proceed to vigorously defend our decision and our authority to protect New York State’s water quality resources.”

Based on the Constitution Pipeline’s website, the 125-mile pipeline would have the capacity to move 650,000 Dekatherm of natural gas per day, which is sufficient natural gas to serve about 3 million homes.

The Williams Companies is the energy entity behind these pipelines. Williams operates the extensive volume interstate pipeline system within the U.S. Willaims stock is down a bit over 10 % for the last three months due in part to a weak point in oil and gas prices.

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