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SeaBubbles CEO and Co-Founder Anders Bringdal Testing Water Taxi On River

Eco-friendly, a futuristic water taxi was pulled over by police on the River Seine in Paris, based on the reports.

The bubble-shaped taxi was performing tests on the famous river within the French capital. The news reported Wednesday that river police stopped the vessel over issues that taxi was traveling too fast.

SeaBubbles CEO and co-founder Anders Bringdal informed The news channel that their vehicle has the right to go at 30km/h when usually the speed restrict on the river is 12km/h. So they just pulled the vehicle over to check our paperwork and ensure that all was correctly in order.

It is then allowed to go on its way.

Organizers are holding test runs this week on one white, oval-shaped electric hydrofoil boat that resembles a tiny space shuttle gliding past Paris monuments.

The Seabubbles website describes the vehicle as “zero waves, zero-emission, zero noise.”

“We believe that pollution and global gridlock aren’t only threatening our welfare, however, are in the end threatening people’s freedom of mobility,” it says.

The boats can fit 4passengers, and if they get approved, they could be ordered on an app like land taxis, shared bikes, or other types of transport.

Its designers hope to run the so-called Seabubbles commercially in Paris and different cities beginning next year.

Bringdal informed The Associated Press that “an important for us isn’t any noise, no waves, no pollution. And bring them into congested cities.”

The SeaBubbles CEO mentioned the water taxi would “be not only fun” but also makes economic sense.

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