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T-Mobile Shifting from Mobile Phone and Stop Selling OnePlus 7 Pro

The brand new OnePlus 7T isn’t even out yet in the US; however, T-Mobile has approved it’s already drawing its more expensive predecessor, the OnePlus 7 Pro. That’s apparently as a result of OnePlus “desires to concentrate on a single model” in the US, based on a report from Wave7, according to the news.

T-Mobile confirmed to the newspaper that has pulled the 7 Pro from its website “because of low inventory,” and although users will find it in a “limited” number of stores, this means that the company is shifting from the phone. Experts checked T-Mobile’s page for the OnePlus 7 Pro, and it certainly doesn’t offer a way to buy the phone, instead of pointing you a map to find a retail store. That map doesn’t show which stores could be carrying it appears users need to check that for themselves.

News Magazine additionally said that OnePlus sales at T-Mobile stores only account for 1.3 % of all phones, so it appears T-Mobile is moving to focus its efforts on selling just one device, and it’ll probably have a higher sales offering for the cheaper 7T.

OnePlus built its reputation by making affordable flagships; however, they’ve slowly crept up in value because it and other companies like Apple and Samsung have added more premium features to bring us to the age of the one-thousand-dollar phone. The OnePlus 7 Pro didn’t cost quite that a lot at $700, however possibly the less expensive 7T will fare better at retail when it Launches on October 18th.

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