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UAW Workers Strike Approaches One Month at GM

The UAW members will bring their picket lines to General Motors dealerships, not just plants beginning on Monday when the nationwide strike records its 29th day, a source aware of negotiations informed the news channel.

“As you may think about, UAW members are getting frustrated with GM’s stubbornness. That is in light of the increase in strike pay which has given UAW GM employees new energy to keep on striking GM till employees get a fair contract,” the source stated.

The striking employees plan to circulate leaflets at the dealerships, as well.

On Saturday, The UAW board voted to bump up employees’ strike pay by $25 per week and allow them to take part-time jobs, including still qualify for the benefit.

Beginning on Sunday, employees who carry out picket duty will get $275 per week in strike pay. Strike pay was $250 a week, also set to increase to $275 in 2020.

On Friday, the UAW lashed out at GM, blaming it for undermining its good-faith efforts to end the strike.

On Friday, the UAW stated in a statement out that The company’s strategy was from the first day has been to play games at the expense of the employees. “It has released half-truths, cut health care in the middle of the night, and it reverted to previously weak and unacceptable proposals in response to the UAW’s comprehensive solutions.”

The harsh language comes after GM sent a letter earlier Friday to its workers, updating them on its new offer to the UAW.

The automaker stated that on Oct. 7, it presented an updated offer to the UAW, which might improve compensation and preserve health care benefits without raising out-of-pocket expenses. The offer additionally gives employees enhanced profit-sharing with unlimited upside and improves their ratification bonus. Temporary employees would additionally receive a clear path to permanent employment.

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